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Petroica com
Time Is Ticking by Petroica pixel/journ doll animated, flapping wings…
warrui lfb
Ozzie Reference by warrui
look at him..............

"he's rlly small and shy/precious so whatever pose & expression would fit him best"
lineless fullbody
com for necroamarpg
Royce 28157 by TotemSpirit pose is up to me (shy sweet big bab)
sake gets the arts
hi everyone i'm going to start drawing on weekends to give myself a schedule so i don't sit here wondering what to do so coms should be done soon thank god

anyway this is the Sake Gets Stuff
witch-doctais46 doll
aka hippo man the angery

journal doll of  Buni by Witch-Doctais46
laying sideview but facing camera/us/forwards/the us government, sleepy smile (+ slow blink)


HoodieGrump's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
yo what the fuck

Mollie/Mol/Shiro/Hoodie - female - 19 years old - aquarius :: Chickensmoothie :: GPX+:: Lioden


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jitimonkey Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Missed you! Also, thank you so much for the fave. :XD:
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Aelarys Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Hobbyist
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t-o-z-z-i-e Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
W hatthee  fucck diid ;;yo just ,fuu.ckk,ing s,  ayy aabouut,, mee, yyouul itt  lee bittch??   I’ldl  ha.avvee  yyou know I  g,radu..ated t,op of  my cli,,asssinnt he Nayv S aels and,, Ij’vve be..en iivnnolveed inn numeous   sseecr,etr  aaids on AlA-QQu..aed]a, aandd I    ha;;av eovver. 3,,00   Coonfirmed kiills... I,, a,m trainde in ogrrilll aa,wrfAa.are andd;; ’IIm the toop ss,,npiieerr  ,,in he   enntire U,,US aRmed forr,cees. Yoou  are  n,,ot,ihhnng  to me btu ju.sutt. aannOthherr targett. I  ,will wwipppe Yo,u t h;hee, fuk,c  ouutt   wiwth pr;;eciSion hhe lkies ooff whhich,, ne.Vre  beenn seee,en bfeoreer ontqhhis EE,artth,, mark .my  nfuccking .words. Yuo,o thhink;ky  ou cca  n get ,awaay;;h sayi;;ng tth..hat s hItt ,too me;e ooveer..t hhe ;;It;;ernnet ht,ink  aagain,, fu uckkeer. A.s we seaak .I ma coontacitg my seccreT nntewworook o..f spies.  sacrross ehh U;SAA vajndd yyuoR  IPP  is be,,eing ttraced rrigghh tnnwo  sso. you bettkee,,r  upr..e;;pare  ;forthhe ,,tsorm,  maggo.t  TTheh stoo rm thha,at wi;pes ut t.hfE   patteett  ic lli,ittlt;e, thinngg y..yoou,,u c aalll yo;urr  l,,iffe.. Yoou’re fuuck,kinng eDad, k.d. I ccaa..n bbee  anyywwHHk  ere, nayytti..m,,j..juttee, And;; I caan.. kki,,ll you in over even hunndred ways,  and that’s jjusst withh ym bAre   a,,and,,.s NNot  onooly[ am I eextenes  ivvel,ly Traaiined.d  in uu,n,,ar ed  ,,comb  a, mbut,,t   have aaccceess to thee entirre arrss,,enal, ,,of  thh..E Uni;;it;ted  Stattees   marrine  CCorps ,Adn I wwill usse iitt to i;;itts; full;;l  exxtent ..too , ;;wiipeeyour mmissera,,able asss offf , ..thhe   ,,faacceeo  F t,hee continennt, ,you littel  shit;. I foonll yyyouu c;cooulD haavee known wha,,t unnhol;y reettrriubbtion yyoouur    little “clceever” ccom;;mmment waass  abboot   uttzo  briing dow .nuupoon yo  u, myebb y oou  w.woulldd hhave hheeldd your   fukcingt o..ngu..u.e,. But yy..oU cooulldnn’’t,, yyo ;Uddidn’’t.,. andd n.ow you’re; paayyingg thhe pprice, yyou go od,,d,amn ,,idiot.;;...I.. ;; wlpl .shi.t  fu,r;y ,at,lll OvOeOr you  na dyyoou iwlld  rown in i Y;; oouu’’r e  ffuuckkii,,ng de,add,, kiddo.
TheFabHawk Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
Thank you for the favorite :D
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waluigi-vapes Featured By Owner May 9, 2017
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